How to care your nails:

Moisturize the nails along with the hands with a good moisturizing lotion as the Vitamin E and collagen is good for nails.
Use a pair of gloves while gardening, or handling harsh detergents and cleaning agents.
Always trim the toe nails in a straight line as cutting them in deep curves can result in split nails in the corners and ingrown nails and at times infected toes.
For pretty nails we can dip the nails and toes in warm olive oil for 15-20 minutes 3 -4 times a week. The nails take on a healthy hue and are less brittle.
Dipping the nails in a cup of warm water to which a one spoon of fresh lemon juice is added, brightens the nails and removes stains. A cotton ball dipped in lemon juice can be scrubbed on the nails and then gently washed with warm water.
For strong and pretty nails, dip them in warm mustard oil for 15-20 minutes. gently massage the nail area and fingers as this improves blood circulation.
Drink fresh carrot juice daily, this is high in calcium and phosphorus and is excellent for strengthening nail.
To get super strong nails, keep them trimmed, push back your cuticles, always apply a clear coat, and never bite them.
Make your nail polish last longer by using vinegar. just take vinegar on cotton balls and swipe it on your unpolished nails and then apply nail polish. By doing this, your nail polish will stay longer on your nails.
For brightening your nails, use rose water combined with glycerin and hydrogen peroxide.
If you want speedy growth of your nails, use gelatin. Gelatin helps in boosting the nail growth. You can also use a basecoat having gelatin as its main ingredients under your polish.
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