how to store green peas

How to store green peas | Kitchen Tips

»  Ingredient:-


› Green peas
›  Sugar
›  Water
› Poly bags


         First  Boil the water, take water in any container so that the pea pods are submerged well. Turn on the flame and let the water boil. When boil in water, add 2 tsp of sugar to it. We have added sugar to add sweetness and color to the green peas. Put the green peas into boiling water and stir well. Keep it in boiling water on high flame for sharp 2 minutes by the clock. 2 minutes are over now. Turn off the flame. We have to keep the green peas in water just for this much of time. The cold water in another bowl.                                                                                                                                  This water is normal but you can take chilled water from the fridge.  Take out the green peas from the hot water and put it into cold water instantly. Keep the green peas in cold water for 2 to 3 minutes,  till they cool down completely and take it out after that. Green peas have cooled down now, take them out from the water.  Drain out water completely from green peas.  Green peas are ready to be preserved.  We have taken poly bags which have zip locks, put the green peas in these packets. And lock its zip. The packet is ready,  green peas packets are ready to be preserved.

                                       Green peas can also be kept in a normal packet and seal it with a rubber band, you can also keep it in a container but the packet can be nicely kept in the freezer and fit in less space. Keep the green pea packets in the freeze and take it out whenever you want to make a delicious sabzi. Preserve the green pea, use it and share your experiences with me.

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