• Lemon is wonderful anti agent for health and beauty. Summer is too hot,when we lost our energy and body temper if we drink a lemon water, we feeling better and fresh.

->Every early morning one little warm glass of water with one tea spoon honey and 2 tea spoon of lemon juice will helps you to lost your over weight.

-> lemon water is very good for law bp patients.

-> people don’t like lemon direct to eat but lemon pickle is very very tasty and its also very useful to balance digestion.

• Lemon with Egg White:

->Lemon is a really good for health but its also very useful for getting beautiful skin.

->here we see the wonderful combination of lemon and egg,which is very beautifully works on our face and we got pimple free face.

->Egg whites too are a great companion of lime juice for treating pimples.

->Apply some fresh lime juice on your pimples. Then take a little egg white and dab it on the pimples over the layer of lime juice.

-> Let it be there till the time you are no longer able to tolerate the smell. Wash it off. Try this whenever you are up to making some

->preparation from egg! You just need to run your fingers inside the empty egg shell to get that little egg white you need for dabbing on your pimples.

->Remember, having egg whites daily is as healthy for your body as it is for your pimple-less face.

"Life lover" Since Born. Rashmi Panchal is enthusiastic Gujarati Writer, Dancer, Copy writer, Singer. She used to spend her whole day on her hobby related works. She loves her Child most " Sneh"


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